David Gerger

The biggest victory is quietly stopping a case, and David has helped clients avoid charges in many DOJ, SEC, and other government investigations.

But David is equally known for courtroom and appellate victories – including antitrust, environmental, health care, securities, immigration, commodities, banking, bribery, government contracts, and others.  He also has been recruited to try civil cases, sometimes shortly before trial.

Cases include: Complete Acquittal of the Boeing pilot charged in the 737 MAX indictment; Complete Acquittal of the BP engineer tried for pollution and manslaughter in the Deepwater Horizon blowout; Presidential pardon for a businessman who was accused of violating Iran trade sanctions; Representing the CFO of Enron in his criminal, civil, SEC and other ordeals; Reversal on appeal for Dynegy’s Jamie Olis (and then winning 18 year reduction in sentence); Reversal on appeal of the Ahmad Clean Water Act case; Complete Acquittal in the Marine Hose Price Fixing trial; Dismissal of all charges in the Propane Commodities Manipulation indictment; Dismissal of all charges accusing a lawyer of obstruction of justice; Dismissal of all felony charges in the IFCO immigration fraud indictment; Successful defense of the Metal Building Insulation Price Fixing trial.

David is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and the American Board of Criminal Lawyers. He is “Chambers & Partners” Band 1 for White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations – Texas (each year since 2017), where he is described as “held in the very highest regard by peers and clients: ‘extraordinarily good judgment;’ ‘very strategically intelligent;’ ‘incredibly successful trial work;’ ‘soothing demeanor.’” David is a former Federal Public Defender who has been listed in “Best Lawyers in America” (Woodward White, Inc.) since 1999 and “Super Lawyers” (Thomson Reuters) since 2003.

Education/Judicial Clerkships

JD, 1985 (Book Editor, Texas Law Review)

BA, 1982

United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, 1986-1987

United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, 1985-1986

Prior Associations

Managing Partner & Chair of the White Collar and Corporate
Investigations Group, Houston Office, 2014-2018

Founder & Owner, 2004-2014


Southern District of Texas,1991-1993


Representative Matters

David has defended dozens of investigations in which charges were declined by government agencies (DOJ, SEC, IRS, EPA, CFTC, FERC, Texas Attorney General) concerning areas such as FCPA, environmental, commodities trading, antitrust, fraud, money laundering, trade sanctions and others.

Court Cases Include

  • Acquittal of the Boeing pilot charged in the 737 MAX indictment.  Read more about this in the New York Times.
  • Dismissal of all charges in federal indictment against an attorney charged with obstruction of justice in representing a client.
  • Acquittal of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill indictment in United States v. Kaluza, defeating all charges. First, won dismissal of federal manslaughter charges on a “motion to dismiss” that was then affirmed on appeal in the Fifth Circuit. Then, won acquittal of oil pollution charges in jury trial in federal court in New Orleans. Read more about David and his co-counsel in the case in The Wall Street JournalHouston Chronicle, and two pieces in Texas Monthly.
  • Acquittal in the “Marine Hose” International Price Fixing trial in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Represented the CFO of Enron throughout civil, criminal, SEC, Congressional, and media crises after the company‘s collapse.
  • Dismissal of all charges in federal indictment alleging counterfeiting of animal care products.
  • Defended Iranian-American in trade sanctions case who received Presidential Pardon in so-called Iranian “prisoner exchange” in 2016.
  • Dismissal of all charges of a Texas businessman charged with money laundering in the international cosmetics trade.
  • Dismissal of all charges before trial of an indictment alleging commodities “manipulation.”
  • Dismissal of all charges in the “Spring Shadows” psychiatry fraud trial after six months of trial.
  • The successful “Ahmad” Clean Water Act appeal, establishing that pollution is not a strict liability crime.
  • Defense of the “IFCO” immigration case, ending in dismissal of all felony charges.
  • Dismissal of all charges in federal mortgage fraud indictment before trial.
  • On appeal, reversal of the 24 year prison sentence of Dynegy‘s Jamie Olis and, at new sentencing hearing, an 18-year reduction.
  • Successful defense of executives in stock options dating investigations.
  • Defense of the Iraq “Oil-For-Food” Investigation.
  • Dismissal of all charges in mortgage fraud indictment before trial, Dallas County, Texas.
  • Won “compassionate release” from federal prison for inmate after BOP neglected his medical care.  Read more about this here.

Publications and Lectures

David has been Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston Law Center and a frequent speaker on criminal law around the country. Publications and Lectures include:

  • Motions in Federal Cases, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (New Orleans 2024)
  • Trials – Judicial Panel Perspectives, University of Texas Government Enforcement Institute (Dallas 2023)
  • Keynote Speaker: Plane Crashes, Blowouts & Other Disasters: The Criminal Defense Attorney’s Role When Everyone is Looking for a Villain, ABA Legal Malpractice Conference (San Juan, Puerto Rico 2023)
  • Ethics: Lessons from the Boeing 737MAX Trial, SMU Air Law Symposium (Dallas 2023)
  • False Statement Prosecutions, ABA White Collar Crime Institute (Miami 2023)
  • Criminal Prosecution of the Clean Air Act, Texas General Counsel Forum (2023)
  • Lessons From the Boeing 737 MAX Trial (Federal Bar Association – Houston; Texas Lawbook; University of Texas Gov’t Enforcement Institute; Law 360; University of Texas Women in Law CLE) (2022)
  • Environmental Crime, ABA White Collar Crime Institute (Miami 2021)
  • “I’m Not the CFO – I’m Just a Drug Dealer,” White Collar Crime CLE Keynote Address (Texas Bar CLE, Austin, Texas 2019)
  • Environmental Crime, 33rd ABA White Collar Crime Institute (New Orleans 2019)
  • Enron to BP, Mexico Bar Association (Mexico City 2019)
  • Criminal Antitrust Update, ABA 32nd White Collar Institute (San Diego 2018)
  • Criminalization of Disasters, Univ. Texas Gov’t Enforcement Institute (Dallas 2018)
  • First Steps in a Criminal Case, Defending a White Collar Case: CJA Panel Training (Houston 2018)
  • Under the Bus: Ethical Issues in Corporate Investigations, 2017 Federal Bench-Bar Conference (Houston 2017)
  • Big Wins, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers White Collar Seminar (Washington 2017)
  • When Disasters Strike:  Who is Criminally Liable When People Die in Tragic Mishaps, ABA 31st White Collar Institute (Miami 2017)
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